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Windsurfing conditions:

Whether you're just beginning the sport, or are at an expert level, you'll find the conditions that make it perfect for you. The Eastern Trade Winds provide strong and consistent wind all year round. The water is warm all year round as well; averaging about 26 degrees Celsius, so there's no need to bring your wetsuit. The 2 km wide bay has a sandy bottom, with only a few spots of reef in the inner bay that are quite easy to avoid.

Sailing conditions in the mornings are perfect for beginners or children, as the water tends to be flat and the winds light. Early afternoon sees the winds increasing for intermediate to expert level sailing. The wind can continue to increase until mid-afternoon and then maintains consistency until around 6:00 pm, for a great afternoon of sailing. At certain times of the year the reef enclosing the Bay creates great wave sailing conditions. At other times, flatter waters are optimal for slalom sailing.

Note that the wind in Puerto Plata is always weaker than in Cabarete.

The Wind: The trade winds with thermals make for strong and consistent winds. The wind blows easterly, which gives Cabarete perfect side-onshore kiting conditions most of the time. Generally in the morning there is little to no wind. At around 12:30 - 1:30 the thermals kick in and make the wind a lot stronger reaching its strogest at about 4PM. Click here for various wind and weather forecasts.

The following are the average conditions you can expect at different periods of the year:

Mid-December through April: Winter Windsurfing Season

  • Average sail size for mid-sized Male: 5.7m2
  • Beginner level in the morning.
  • Intermediate to Expert sailing in the afternoon.
  • Great conditions to learn and practice wave sailing.
  • World-class wave sailing on the reef.
  • Consistent winds, averaging 13 - 17 knots (24-32 km/h, 15-20 mp/h)
  • Side-shore winds.

    June through September: Summer Windsurfing Season

  • Average sail size for mid-sized Male: 5.3m2
  • Beginner level in the morning.
  • Intermediate to Expert sailing in the afternoon.
  • Flatter waters great for slalom sailing.
  • Waves are not as consistent as in other periods.
  • Great winds, averaging 13-22 knots (24-40 km/h, 15-25 mp/h)
  • Side-shore winds.

    Other periods of the year:

    The months of May, and the period from October to the end of December, tend to be less reliable in terms of windsurfing conditions. They can vary from not that great, to excellent, depending on the weather systems moving through the area. Cabarete still sees many windsurfing visitors during these periods because there are so many other activities available should the wind not cooperate for a day or two.

  • Water conditions: The water temperature is always about a comfy 26°C (79°F) so you don't ever really need a wetsuit (but it does provide some protection against bruises though).

    More info: Also try the windsurfing section of, and

    See you on the reef.

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